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Code of Conduct

  1. Eating, gum chewing and smoking are not permitted anywhere inside the library; in the adult department patrons may drink water or soft drinks that have been brought into the library in covered containers with the exception of those areas that are in proximity to the library’s computers.
  2. Bare feet, bare chests and swimwear are not permitted in the library.
  3. Roller blades, roller skates, skateboards and scooters may be not used in the library or anywhere on library grounds.
  4. Backpacks, book bags, coats and other items brought into the library by patrons must be placed clear of all aisles and walkways. Patrons who leave the building are required to take their belongings with them as the library is not to be held responsible for any items left on its premises unattended.
  5. Audio devices such as ipods and mp3 players must be used with headphones. If use of these items becomes disruptive to others, library staff may require that they be turned off.
  6. Cell phone ringers should be set on vibrate inside the library and conversations on cell phones taken outside.
  7. Library telephones may not be used by library patrons except in the case of an emergency.
  8. Patrons needing to plug in their laptop computers or other electronic devices must do so in an area of the library where their cords will not become a tripping hazard.
  9. Other than companion animals for the visually or physically disabled, no pets are permitted in the library.
  10. The library is unable to provide a completely sound-free environment; out of courtesy for others, conversations should be conducted using a soft voice and kept to a minimum or taken outside.
  11. Anyone caught damaging, defacing, destroying or stealing library property will be prosecuted.
  12. Any person not abiding by these rules will be given a verbal notification by a member of the library staff. A second occurrence on the same day may result in the library patron being asked to leave the library. Habitual offenders may, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, have their library privileges suspended and/or revoked.